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Our website provides  information and news from the machinery industry, such as figures, reports, new products, and innovations.

In an age dominated by information technology, information is key to how we act, how we develop strategies and how we cooperate with our partners.

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Mechanical engineering is a key topic when talking about growth, trade, investments, and technology. The machinery industry continues to be the primary driver of economic growth not only in Turkey but also throughout the rest of the world.

Turkish Machinery, bringing together 20,000 member companies from all over Turkey under a single roof, is the go-to place for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Our companies export to more than 200 countries worldwide, primarily to Europe and the United States. We have made many customers into friends over the years whether they be companies, associations or organizations. We want to go further and cement these relationships.

We have a liaison office in Braunschweig to answer your questions and provide you with information. Our European friends can always stop by for a face-to-face meeting. You are most welcome to use our database.

Stay healthy!

Kutlu Karavelio─člu
Chairman, Turkish Machinery